The 4-Phase Canopy Cleaning Process

Key Takeaways When it comes to maintaining a commercial kitchen, the cleaning of canopies and exhaust systems is not just a matter of cleanliness; it’s a matter of safety, compliance, and efficiency.  At the core of this process is a meticulous approach that begins long before any cleaning agents are applied and continues well after […]

The Manual Method – Cleaning Kitchen Exhaust Ducts

Cleaning your exhaust ducts is essential for maintaining a safe and efficient restaurant or cafe. The following 5 methods are often used to clean a greasy kitchen canopy and exhaust system: This blog post will detail the Manual Method. Clean Air Filtration use variations of the Manual method in almost all jobs. We do not […]

Choosing a Canopy Cleaning Company – 4 Considerations

Key Takeaways You’re an expert in hospitality and not necessarily an expert in exhaust system cleaning. Perhaps you’re a chef, a cafe or restaurant owner, or even a Restaurant Manager for a restaurant chain. With that in mind, this post is designed to help you gain a quick overview of the commercial kitchen exhaust system […]

HVAC Cleaning & Coronavirus – Virus Spread

This blog post explores the ways in which a virus can spread within a commercial building. In particular, it outlines the ways in which a company like Clean Air Filtration Services can minimise the chance of virus spread through its HVAC cleaning and Compliance programs. How Does A Virus Spread Within A Building? A virus […]

Australian Standards for Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning

Key Takeaways You must keep your kitchen exhaust system safe if you are a commercial kitchen operator (cafe, restaurant or fast food business owner), a building owner or a building manager. This obligation falls under the Work Health & Safety (WHS) regulations and the food safety standards for commercial kitchens. In particular, the Australian Standard […]

The latest kitchen fire underscores the importance of exhaust cleaning

The recent kitchen fire in a Hungary Jacks restaurant highlights the need for commercial restaurants to implement regular and professional canopy and exhaust cleaning procedures. On June 24, it is reported that a fire started in a deep fryer in the Traralgon restaurant before quickly spreading to the kitchen canopy, and then onto the kitchen […]

Indoor Air Quality & Ventilation

Let’s start from the beginning. What is ventilation and why do we need it? Ventilation is the provision of air from a clean outdoor air supply, to an indoor building. A building requires clean air to: provide oxygen for inhabitants to breathe, dilute or remove air contaminants, reduces odours, provide thermal comfort, provide smoke control or […]

HVAC Maintenance – What Are Your Obligations?

The responsibilities of a facility manager relating to the ongoing maintenance of a buildings’ HVAC system are clearly outlined in the applicable Australian standard – AS/NZ 3666.2:2011: AS/NZS 3666.2:2011 outlines the when and what HVAC cleaning tasks to perform in order to assist in the control of microorganisms within buildings. The following table is an […]

Kitchen Canopy & Exhaust Cleaning & The Risk Of Fire

Commercial kitchen fires due to improper canopy cleaning or kitchen exhaust cleaning practises, continue to be a problem for restaurants across Melbourne with a number of high-profile fires occurring in 2017. These fires suggest the existence of an ‘awareness’ problem amongst facility managers, restaurant owners and service providers. It’s important that all stakeholders understand the risks in order to […]

ACDC Lane – Duct Exhaust Fire Creates Havoc

Punters at a popular Melbourne restaurant were shaken ‘all night long’ in ACDC Lane last week due to a fire in exhaust ducts of the restaurant’s commercial kitchen. In addition, residents in a connected apartment building were evacuated as smoke from the fire billowed up through the duct system shared by both the commercial kitchen and the […]

Kitchen Canopy Cleaning Melbourne

Commercial kitchen cleaning inclusive of kitchen canopy cleaning and kitchen exhaust cleaning is no easy job. However, Clean Air Filtration Services can take care of all your commercial kitchen cleaning requirements. A kitchen canopy can develop a layer of grease and dirt on its surface. This results in an increase in bacteria growth and bad odours, causing an […]

Day In the Life of a Melbourne Duct Cleaner

A typical day in the life of a Clean Air Filtration employee involves getting your hands dirty – often very dirty. Recently, after arriving at a Melbourne restaurant and inspecting the kitchen exhaust, ducts, and kitchen canopy, we could see it was one of those occasions: It obviously hadn’t been cleaned for a number of years. There […]

Air Duct Cleaning & Sick Building Syndrome

The United States Environment Protection Authority (EPA) released a publication on “Sick Building Syndrome” in 1991. A primary listed cause of sick building syndrome was inadequate ventilation, which can occur if heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems do not effectively distribute air to people in the building. This can occur if HVAC systems are not regularly cleaned. […]

Hospital Air Quality Systems

Over the last 10 years, Clean Air Filtration has managed the HVAC preventative maintenance schedules for Cabrini Hospital.

Air Quality Problems for 30% of Buildings

Air Quality Problems for 30% of Buildings According to the World Health Organisation, approximately 30% of all commercial buildings have significant indoor air quality problems. This often shows itself by occupants suffering cold or flu-like symptoms. Serious health effects such as Legionnaire’s Disease, and Sick Building Syndrome are also possible.  Give Me A Quote >> […]

Why duct cleaning is necessary

These days, people are much more conscious of the air they breathe. Building owners and employers not only have to comply with tough occupational health and safety laws, but also want to create safe environments for those who live and work in their buildings. It’s really just a matter of prudent risk management and good business […]


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