Kitchen Canopy & Exhaust Cleaning & The Risk Of Fire


Commercial kitchen fires due to improper canopy cleaning or kitchen exhaust cleaning practises, continue to be a problem for restaurants across Melbourne with a number of high-profile fires occurring in 2017. These fires suggest the existence of an ‘awareness’ problem amongst facility managers, restaurant owners and service providers.

It’s important that all stakeholders understand the risks in order to save lives, businesses, and careers. Remember that it’s not just the restaurant that’s in danger. Many restaurants share complex duct exhaust systems with multi-storied residential developments. Commercial kitchen fires often spread through the duct systems and into these residential apartments.

A fire can start as a result of an issue with the kitchen canopy cleaning or a kitchen exhaust system cleaning practises. People often ask us how often kitchen exhaust systems should be professionally cleaned. However, often this is a difficult question to answer as it will depend upon kitchen usage and practises within the kitchen.

The Damage

Commercial kitchen exhaust fires can be intense with temperatures reaching 1,000 Degrees Celsius. Almost 90% of kitchen fires spread into kitchen canopy exhaust systems.

Many restaurants never re-open after a kitchen fire and many insurance policies reject claims when kitchen exhaust systems and canopies have not been adequately cleaned.

Greasy exhausts and canopies are a major reason why fires spread. Grease can leak out of duct joints causing a fire to spread to the outside of the ductwork and through a building.

Grease Filters Need To Be Managed

Grease filters are designed to collect grease and by their very nature are fire hazards. In fact, a recent ‘Bulletin’ by AIRAH (Australian Institute Of Refrigeration, Ait Conditioning & Heating) states that:

“A fire within the duct system generally occurs due to the ignition of flamable material that has built up at the grease re,mocal device (filters)” AIRAH, 20116

Proper maintenance and management of grease filters will prevent some fires from occurring. Clean Air Filtration offers Australia’s best Grease Filter Cleaning & Filter Exchange Service.

You Are Legally Responsible – We Are Here To Help

The Australian standard AS 1851-2012 outlines the minimum inspection, maintenance and record-keeping requirements for fire kitchen exhaust systems.

Clean Air Filtration understand and ensure your responsibilities are met. Leave the details to us and call us on   (03) 9303 9661

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