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Melbourne’s biggest cafe's & restaurants have trusted Clean Air Filtration Services to keep their Commercial Kitchens clean, safe and compliant since 1992.

Commercial kitchen exhaust cleaning can be a daunting task.

The most efficient extraction filters can develop a layer of grease and dirt on the surfaces of ventilation filters, ducts, canopies and extraction fans. This results in an increase in bacteria growth and bad odours, causing an environmental health hazard.

Left unclean, the kitchen exhaust systems can eventually collect enough grease to become an extreme fire hazard. Every year thousands of restaurant grease fires are reported in restaurants, with huge property losses, huge costs and fire marshal inspections.

If the exhaust system has not been professionally cleaned in a twelve month period per A.S 1851 rev 2005 your building is non-compliant resulting in restaurant shutdowns or even no insurance for the fire .

Your first line of defence should be to have your kitchen exhaust cleaned regularly. We at Clean Air Filtration Services would love to help you stay in compliance with the latest industry standards and regulations in the industry.


  • Full Commercial Kitchen Cleaning and Sanitising:
  • Ovens
  • Hot Plates
  • Deep Fryers
  • Floors

As important as it is to have clean air to breathe in your building rooms, it is even more important to have pollutant free air in your kitchen.

Filter Exchange Service:

The Clean Air Filtration Services Filter Exchange Service is the most established and best-performing programs in Australia.

We guarantee the supply of perfectly clean air filters and commercial kitchen grease filters.

Save money by replacing dirty filters with high performing recycled filters. It's also environmentally friendly.

Our choice of chemicals and strict adherence to wastewater regulations ensures a positive environmental impact. With over 25 years experience, our patented filter cleaning service uses a proven balance of chemicals to clean through to the filter core.


Top 4 Reasons To Clean Your Air Ducts

  1. Protect against sickness
  2. Protect against litigation
  3. Protect against fire
  4. Reduce HVAC Operating costs

Our Preventative Maintenance Process

  1. Systematic Video Inspection
  2. Conduct Air Quality Tests
  3. Make Recommendations
  4. HVAC Cleaning
  5. Present comprehensive Final Report

Benefits of Duct Cleaning

  1. Reduction in Dust
  2. Reduction in Bacterias and Allergens
  3. Superior Indoor Air Quality
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