Kitchen canopy grease filter exchange service

Grease filters are designed to collect grease. Therefore, by design, they are a fire & health danger if not cleaned regularly.

We don’t run our Grease Filter Exchange program to make a profit – we run it because it’s an essential part of keeping a commercial kitchen safe & compliant. Without this service, our claim to be Melbourne’s one-stop shop for kitchen canopy cleaning would not ring true.

Environmentally friendly

Our environmentally friendly & patented filter exchange service uses a proven balance of chemicals to clean through to the filter core. Recycled filters are a great use of resources and an inexpensive way for you to keep safe.

Servicing Melbourne & Victoria

We travel to every part of Melbourne & Victoria to keep your kitchen running safely..

Reliable with 25 years experience

With over 25 years of experience, our cleaning process has improved over a long time to be best-practice. Our scheduling system is also fine-tuned so that you can rely on us to turn up when we say we will..

Keep safe & compliant

We'll inspect & monitor your Grease filters over consecutive visits to your kitchen. We'll then recommend how often you should exchange your filters.

Extend life of extraction fan

Reduce unnecessary stress on your extraction fans by recycling filters that are blocked with grease.

Reduce cost of duct cleaning

Airborne grease will be sucked into the exhaust ductwork and attach itself to the duct wall if you don't clean your filters often enough. This will increase the cost of duct cleaning.


At the risk of stating the obvious, your grease filters should be cleaned when the grease build-up exceeds the point at which the filters can no longer do their job properly.

The frequency in which you change your filters will depend upon how often you cook, how much grease is in the food you cook and also the cooking method you use. For example, if you cook using wood or a deep fryer then you’ll likely need to change your filters more.

We have clients who change their grease filters every week, and other clients that replace their filters just twice a year.

If you don’t change your grease filters, you’ll find they become filled with grease. This is a problem for many reasons including:

  • They may become fully blocked resulting in reduced air suction from the exhaust fan. You’ll then find that grease will start building up around the outside of the canopy, on your cooking equipment and potentially onto your food.
  • If the grease filters are partially blocked by grease, then there is still likely to be air suction through the canopy exhaust system. However, as the grease filters are ‘full’, the airborne grease will be sucked into the exhaust ductwork and will likely attach to the duct wall. This is a fire hazard and will help any fire spread from the canopy, into the ductwork and the rest of the building. It also makes the job of cleaning the exhaust ductwork much more difficult.

We work hard to keep costs for this service down. We do this as it’s an incredibly important service, and because it’s not the type of service that could ever be hugely profitable.

It’s a service that allows us to demonstrate how we can add value to our clients.

A grease filter exchange can be as is as little as  $15 per filter.

We service all Melbourne suburbs and all of Victoria.

While we may not be able to make it to the far reaches of Victoria every week, you may be surprised at how often we can supply you with clean grease filters.

We’ll come to you.

We have regular ‘grease filter exchange’ runs to all parts of Melbourne and Victoria.

Our highly functioning scheduling software enables us to provide a service you can rely on.

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