Petrol Stations

Clean Air Filtration Services Provides Professional Cleaning and Maintenance Services for Petrol & Service Stations all over Melbourne and Victoria.

We are primarily involved in the cleaning of the forecourts (especially around diesel pumps) and Canopies (removing any debris caused by birds and general car emissions) to eliminate any OH&S issues in the interest of public safety.

We are currently providing these services to Woolworths Limited throughout Melbourne VIC, NSW and QLD.

Whether it’s just a quick clean up around the forecourt pumps or full site clean, we can help.

  • Canopy cleaning – top, sides and under sheeting
  • Car wash and jet wash bay cleaning – our unique cleaning processes will remove the dirt, grime, mould, mildew and oxidation that gather on all surfaces and will restore and rejuvenate your car wash bay and equipment
  • External building fabrication – looking after the appearance of your building will impress your customers and investors and maintain the value of your building
  • Canopy fascia and signage
  • Forecourt surface cleaning
  • Complete signage cleaning – building signage, canopy signage, pole signage and all branded signage
  • Petrol pumps and petrol pump islands

Top 4 Reasons To Clean Your Air Ducts

  1. Protect against sickness
  2. Protect against litigation
  3. Protect against fire
  4. Reduce HVAC Operating costs

Our Preventative Maintenance Process

  1. Systematic Video Inspection
  2. Conduct Air Quality Tests
  3. Make Recommendations
  4. HVAC Cleaning
  5. Present comprehensive Final Report

Benefits of Duct Cleaning

  1. Reduction in Dust
  2. Reduction in Bacterias and Allergens
  3. Superior Indoor Air Quality