Day In the Life of a Melbourne Duct Cleaner

A typical day in the life of a Clean Air Filtration employee involves getting your hands dirty – often very dirty. Recently, after arriving at a Melbourne restaurant and inspecting the kitchen exhaust, ducts, and kitchen canopy, we could see it was one of those occasions: It obviously hadn’t been cleaned for a number of years. There […]

Air Duct Cleaning & Sick Building Syndrome

The United States Environment Protection Authority (EPA) released a publication on “Sick Building Syndrome” in 1991. A primary listed cause of sick building syndrome was inadequate ventilation, which can occur if heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems do not effectively distribute air to people in the building. This can occur if HVAC systems are not regularly cleaned. […]

Air Quality Problems for 30% of Buildings

Air Quality Problems for 30% of Buildings According to the World Health Organisation, approximately 30% of all commercial buildings have significant indoor air quality problems. This often shows itself by occupants suffering cold or flu-like symptoms. Serious health effects such as Legionnaire’s Disease, and Sick Building Syndrome are also possible.  Give Me A Quote >> […]

Why duct cleaning is necessary

These days, people are much more conscious of the air they breathe. Building owners and employers not only have to comply with tough occupational health and safety laws, but also want to create safe environments for those who live and work in their buildings. It’s really just a matter of prudent risk management and good business […]


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