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Regular Air Quality Testing -
an important part of a HVAC Maintenance program

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Why Test Your Buildings Air Quality?

A dirty HVAC system can be a breeding ground for microbial contamination. All that is needed for this to occur is the presence of dirt, moisture, and time.

Microbial contamination can adversely affect building occupants, possibly resulting in lower productivity, higher absenteeism, and even litigation. In severe cases, this can lead to Sick Building Syndrome.

While regular HVAC system cleaning will reduce the chances of this happening, a professional HVAC maintenance schedule should include an Indoor Air Quality Audit, inclusive of Air Quality Testing.

Our Air Quality Testing & Audit Process:

1) Bacterial Swab

We take a surface swab from the coil, the duct, and other relevant locations.

2) NATA Laboratory Testing

We facilitate sample testing by an independent NATA laboratory. You'll be presented with their comprehensive Australian Standard compliant report.

3) Remedial Cleaning If Required

We'll undertake any cleaning required as a result of the swab results. We'll compile post-cleaning evidence which can include:

  • photographic evidence,
  • video evidence,
  • written inspection summary.

3) Ongoing HVAC Maintenance Program

A maintenance program will be formulated and implemented and will include:

  • Periodic NATA testing
  • Periodic Duct, Coil, Fan cleaning
  • Filter cleaning and replacement

One major benefit of using Clean Air Filtration Services is that we can handle all your HVAC cleaning & HVAC maintenance requirements. You only need deal with us and we take full responsibility for Australian Standards compliance.