Air Quality Testing in Melbourne

  • Surface swab test for mould, bacteria & yeast
  • Particle airborne testing for PM1 and PM2.5 particles
  • Surface test reporting from NATA certified laboratory

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At Clean Air Filtration, we provide services for indoor air quality assessment for all types of properties. Our air quality testing is designed to determine the concentration of contaminants so that effective measures to increase pressure drops across coils & filters , its imperitize to implement for creating a healthier enviroment and more comfortable space. We provide a full range of professional solutions and make use of reliable techniques to ensure that the space is safe for you and your family & co workers . If you are concerned about pollutants that may invisibly contaminate your work place, book our air quality testing service consultant to investigate.

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Indoor Air Quality Testing Services

Wondering why you should invest in indoor air quality testing?

Pollutants in indoor air may result from different sources like paint, furnishings and appliances. Poor air quality impacts the overall health and may even lead to symptoms of allergies. This makes the quality of indoor air extremely important as we spend a lot of time breathing the air in an inside environment. Repeated exposure to contaminants in the air can lead to health risks and it is, therefore, necessary to maintain good air quality within a space. Timely identification of an issue may help in resolving the problem and getting to the source of it. You can also find out if the air quality within your indoor space is improving, deteriorating or is maintained.

If you are worried about the air quality, we are here to offer thorough, professional and reliable assessments and also figure out the sources of the potential irritants. The air quality within any building is critical to the health and safety of the occupants and with our services, you can have the assurance that the space meets the environmental regulations in terms of air quality.

Our technical expertise in the field of air quality testing service is second to none and our professionals are experienced, trained and possess the knowledge of monitoring air quality in different indoor environments. We understand that every property is different and we have various packages for you to choose from. Our reports are detailed and offer impartial findings to help you understand if the air within the building is safe. Based on the findings, you can take measures to create a healthier and safer space.

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Maintaining the quality of indoor air is essential and with our services, we wish to make it easy for you. We will provide all the information related to the presence of acceptable and unacceptable particles in the air. The results are compared to the permissible limits so that you can maintain compliance.

Our testing service is priced affordably and if you are keen to monitor air quality, feel free to book our service. We make use of state-of-the-art technology to determine the concentration of contaminants and enable you to make an informed choice. To find out more about our air quality testing services, feel free to reach out to us.

Airborne particle testing:

Air Image Sensor a
  • Test for PM1 (=/<1μm) & PM2 (=/<2.5μm) Airborne Particles

    • Dust & Combustion Materials
    • Bacteria, Viruses
    • Pollen, Spores

Swab surface testing:

IAQ Testing Reporting
  • Swab test HVAC coils, vents & surfaces

    • Mould
    • Bacteria
    • Yeast & more

Particle diameter (μm):

Airborne Particle sizes v1

Surface Swab Test & Remedial Cleaning:

1) Bacterial Swab

We take a surface swab from the coil, the duct, and other relevant locations.


2) NATA Laboratory Testing

We facilitate sample testing by an independent NATA laboratory. You'll be presented with their comprehensive Australian Standard compliant report.


3) Remedial Cleaning If Required

We'll undertake any cleaning required as a result of the swab results. We'll compile post-cleaning evidence which can include:

  • photographic evidence,
  • video evidence,
  • written inspection summary.

3) Ongoing HVAC Maintenance Program

A maintenance program will be formulated and implemented and will include:

  • Periodic NATA testing
  • Periodic Duct, Coil, Fan cleaning
  • Filter cleaning and replacement

Clean Air Filtration Services is that we can handle all your HVAC cleaning requirements. You only need to deal with us. We manage and take responsibility for Australian standards compliance.