The cleaning process for air conditioning ducts involves between two and six stages, depending on the type of system, its condition and the client's needs.

Prior to cleaning, owners of supply systems can request bacterial swab testing, which will allow the preparation of a full report by an independent laboratory. These tests can be carried out annually to provide an updated picture.

The core cleaning process then incorporates two stages:

  1. Air handling unit / fan coil unit cleaning: Outlet registers are sealed to contain dust and debris in duct work, so that our method of cleaning can be performed without making a mess. Heating and cooling coils method for cleaning: Coils can be air / water chemically treated. Contaminated water can be removed for safe disposal.
  2. Contamination removal: A negative pressure is created in each zone of the duct work using an extraction unit. The company's unique method for source removal of contamination from the supply exhaust air systems can be achieved with high pressure air washing to agitate the internal sections of duct work.

The extraction unit has two banks of filtration and an additional Hepa 99.9% filter can be fitted when working in sterile areas, such as operating theatres and ultra-filtration environments. After cleaning is completed, three other optional stages are available:

  1. Post-cleaning evidence by photograph or video, with a written inspection summary.
  2. Sanitising: a 1-12 month program for the safe operation of individual requirements.
  3. Follow-up swab testing performed by NATA Test Laboratory.

Top 4 Reasons To Clean Your Air Ducts

  1. Protect against sickness.
  2. Protect against litigation.
  3. Protect against fire.
  4. Reduce HVAC Operating costs.

Our Preventative Maintenance Process

  1. Systematic Video Inspection.
  2. Conduct Air Quality Tests.
  3. Make Recommendations.
  4. HVAC Cleaning.
  5. Present comprehensive Final Report.

Benefits of Duct Cleaning

  1. Reduction in Dust.
  2. Reduction in Bacterias and Allergens.
  3. Superior Indoor Air Quality.