We Keep Your Building Safe & Compliant

Your Fire Insurance may be Invalid if you are Not Compliant

There are two main benefits to cleaning your HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) air duct systems:

  • Improved indoor air quality (IAQ)
  • Lower energy consumption.

Maintaining good air quality is a matter of prudent risk management and good business practice. Building owners and employers not only have to comply with tough occupational health and safety laws but also want to create safe environments for those who live and work in their buildings.

Clean Air Filtration Services has extensive experience in providing air quality management and currently provides this service to many high profile companies including Melbourne Airport, Cabrini Hospital and major supermarkets in Melbourne. 

Clean Air Filtration takes full responsibility for the quality of the air in your building. The process is as follows:

Clean Air Filtration Services Unique 5 stage Method for Indoor Air Quality:

  1. Clean Air will conduct a methodical video inspection of key areas of the HVAC system and report the findings.
  2. Clean Air will conduct air quality tests throughout the building. Once this is completed, the Team leader / Manager will report the results and make all necessary recommendations to comply with the necessary Australian Standards.
  3. We will clean the entire HVAC system to National Air Duct Cleaning Association Standards (NADCA)
  4. We will submit a comprehensive final report outlining all of our findings, laboratory test results, and recommendations.
  5. As part of the service, Clean Air can inspect the building and provide a detailed report.

Our Clients Include: